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EPA News - ElChad & Murphslife

Foreigners, in love with the country, seek brave people to help people in need in Paraguay

Link to original article on EPA News:

ElChad, a few years ago, had become famous, for his videos on Instagram and Facebook, for trying to speak good Spanish, as well as Guaraní, in a humorous way, has led him to win the hearts of many of the inhabitants. Despite being far from the country, he now echoes his request, through social networks, to help the Paraguayan families most in need.

The young man named Chad Uddstrom, is an eternal lover of our Guaraní land, right now, he is in a campaign to achieve together with MurphsLife, and at least 10 volunteers, who can go to help them in the most precarious areas of our country and thus, help to try to offer a better quality of life to the most needy families in our country.


Despite going through one of the worst moments within the COVID-19 pandemic, ElChad and MurphsLife have not rested to give the opportunity for a better quality of life to many of our compatriots.

The ElChad lived a long time in our country and is really in love with its culture, its landscapes, its customs and above all, the human quality that Paraguayans offer.

*About MurphsLife:

With these videos, MurphsLife enables viewers to help provide for those in need through donations. Giving direct assistance to people they meet in places like Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela. He provides struggling families with food, shelter and employment and document the whole process on Social Media outlets.

Unlike large charity organizations, MurphsLife is able to provide direct assistance to people who need it, like Venezuelan immigrants seeking refuge or simply those who live below the poverty line in these countries. This is important, because often, people don’t have the time to wait for assistance from larger charity organizations. What MurphsLife does, isn’t just giving people a donation, it’s so much more than that. He helps people get back up on their feet and “learn to fish”, providing families new self sustaining businesses and opportunities, of all sorts, shapes and sizes.

If you have the means to donate, you can do so in the following ways:

Venmo – MurphsLife24

PayPal – MurphsLife

Patreon - MurphsLife

ChashApp - MurphsLife24

Or simply share MurphsLife videos.

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11 de fev. de 2022

Id love to be able to do what u do for others.

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