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iHeartRadio Featuring MurphsLife & ElChad Interview on 94.9FM

Mis amigos (MurphsLife y ElChad) cruzaron la frontera y entraron Venezuela para ayudar La Gente con Caridad

Conocí "El Chad" hace unos años porque el es parte de un grupo que se llama "Los Gringos." Claro, porque soy gringa, quería conocer a todos porque hablan español! Me encanto, ellos fueron a la emisora, we had so much fun and we all had so much in common. WE LOVE LATINOS.

And Chad loves latinos so much that he recently crossed the border to be able to help Venezuelans however he can. El tiene un amigo que se llama Aaron Murphy (MurphsLife), y los dos hicieron este tremendo video mostrando lo que encontraron. En este momento están buscando donaciones para poder comprar las necesidades para las familias.



Unlike large charity organizations, MurphsLife is able to provide direct assistance to people who need it, like Venezuelan immigrants seeking refuge or simply those who live below the poverty line in these countries. This is important, because often, people don’t have the time to wait for assistance from larger charity organizations. What MurphsLife does, isn’t just giving people a donation, it’s so much more than that. He helps people get back up on their feet and “learn to fish”, providing families new self sustaining businesses and opportunities, of all sorts, shapes and sizes.

If you have the means to donate, you can do so in the following ways:

Venmo – MurphsLife24

PayPal – MurphsLife

Patreon - MurphsLife

ChashApp - MurphsLife24

Or simply share MurphsLife videos.


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