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MurphsLife x Dippies Featured on Cointelegraph

MurphsLife x Dippies van NFT at EDC Featured on Cointelegraph

MurphsLife and Dippies teamed up at EDC 2022 for Insomniac hosted exclusive NFT art gallery at EDC powered by LGND. All Dippies EDC Van proceeds will go to MurphsLife Foundation.

WAYF has brought together an impressive collection of top-tier blue-chip NFT projects to EDC and has activated a diverse, innovative community focused on important social causes. The NFTs will also be available for sale — not for minting — at a fixed price, with limited inventory on the NFT art platform LGND for seven days post-EDC. Some NFTs will donate a percentage of the sale proceeds to charities such as Rise Above The Disorder, Surfrider Foundation, Stop Asian Hate, Murphslife Foundation and Best Friends Animal Society.

The electronic music festival is celebrating with an EDC-inspired NFT collection curated by WAYF and a Genesis NFT from Tiësto.

This year, Insomniac is launching the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) Las Vegas Art Gallery, where electronic dance music (EDM) and nonfungible token (NFT) fans can enjoy and purchase a unique collection of NFTs co-created by EDM artists and NFT-community icons for a limited time. This event also includes a Genesis NFT drop by the legendary Tijs Michiel Verwest, known professionally as DJ Tiësto.

Tiësto will unveil an exclusive NFT at EDC Las Vegas, heralding his forthcoming Genesis NFT project “Eagle” — the first phase and introduction of his digital roadmap alongside his Musical Freedom imprint.

NFT holders for EDC Las Vegas will have VIP priority access to the “Eagle” NFT project and a preview of Tiësto’s unreleased music, including Repeat It from Musical Freedom and access to other exclusive opportunities.

The eagle seen in the NFT was featured in a Tiesto performance earlier this year i in March and will be seen on-screen during his performance this Saturday at EDC Las Vegas.

The exclusive EDC Las Vegas 2022 NFT-gallery experience opens today and will feature some of the rarest and sought-after NFT collections in the metaverse at the legendary weekend-long electronic music festival in Las Vegas.

“Music and art are the great communicators that connect us all,” said Ty Carter, head of creative at LGND. “The NFT medium continues to evolve into new forms using new technology, transforming the way we interact between the analog and the virtual. LGND is proud to power this immersive gallery curated by WAYF and work with this historic group of artists.”

Located across from the Pixel Forest amongst the mushroom trees between neonGarden and bionicJungle, We Are Your “Frens” (WAYF) and LGND’s NFT art gallery will allow EDC attendees to explore, interact, and connect with reimagined derivative artworks from some of the biggest names in the NFT world such as Azuki, Moonbirds, Dippies, Sol Flowers, Nyan Heroes, The Catalina Whale Mixer and some surprise additions at EDC Las Vegas.

An official sponsor of EDC 2022, Zash Global Media, the group of media companies overseen by consummate disrupter Ted Farnsworth, will drop surprise NFTs during EDC. The NFTs will drop from space via satellite to the EDC audience. Specifically, two NFT drops will happen in partnership with a top headliner and guest performer during their respective sets. Zash will also be giving away one Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT estimated to be worth $300,000.

NFTs can be purchased on LGND


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