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This Little Boy Was Living In A Garbage Dump — Until MurphsLife Stepped In!

Aaron Murphy is no stranger to poverty. The young humanitarian has devoted his life to “blessing strangers” in Latin America, using nothing but the power of his millions of social media fans. On a recent trip to Paraguay, Aaron met a little boy named Enrique whose story touched his heart.

Enrique lives with his mother and six siblings in the city’s garbage dump. His stepfather burned their house down, leaving them homeless. Their family spends their days gathering recyclables to get money for food, but their entire existence is hand-to-mouth. Without clean water sources, they are often sick, and Enrique’s mom even said her life is “a disaster.”

When Aaron saw that Enrique had made his family a shelter out of trash he’d found in the dump, he knew he had to take action. He put out a desperate plea for donations, and then took the $31,000 he raised and bought Enrique’s family a clean, safe house to call their own. The little boy now has a real chance for a happy childhood thanks to a random meeting with a kind stranger!

See the family’s incredible reaction to getting a new home in the video below, and don’t forget to share this life-changing encounter.

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