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Univision TV MurphsLife News Interview Featured on "Primer Impacto" with "Borja Voces"

Aaron Murphy left his life of opulence to tour Latin America to help and give to others in need.


Aaron Murphy, a 33-year-old Utahn Canadian, said that with the money he that he would have spent in his former life on nightclubs (about $ 4,000), he now donates it to the most needy people in Colombia, Nicaragua and Venezuela so they can eat. This man records his altruism and publishes it on TikTok, a social network where he accumulates thousands of followers.

With these videos, MurphsLife enables viewers to help provide for those in need through donations. Giving direct assistance to people they meet in places like Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela. They provide struggling families with food, shelter and employment and document the whole process on Social Media outlets.

What MurphsLife does, isn’t just giving people a donation, it’s so much more than that. They help people get back up on their feet and “learn to fish”. Providing them new self sustaining businesses and opportunities, of all sorts, shapes and sizes

If you have the means to donate, you can do so in the following ways:

Venmo – MurphsLife24

PayPal – MurphsLife

Patreon - MurphsLife

ChashApp - MurphsLife24

Or simply share MurphsLife videos.


Este hombre graba su altruismo y lo publica en TikTok, red social donde acumula miles de seguidores.

Las noticias y reportajes más impactantes que ocurren en Estados Unidos y el mundo, presentadas por Michelle Galván y Pamela Silva-Conde. #PrimerImpacto#AaronMurphy#AmericaLatina


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