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What is happiness?

Blessings.. well deserved blessings.. you want to hear something interesting? So many of you l have commented and messaged me saying.. “If I was rich I would do just that" or "you have my dream job" many similar comments just like these. I think about this often. I think too much actually which is why I'm not a good sleeper.. I think to myself.. what's the exact $ number before you have "enough" to do this? What's that ONE number of followers you need to be considered an “influencer"? Is it 10,000? 100,000? 1,276,300? There is no number. There's also no number to being an influencer.. We are all influencing everyone around us constantly.. whether it's your kids or your roommate smoking his vape pen eventually bringing you into their addiction. We begin to laugh like our best friends.. talk like the ones closest to us.. we are constantly influencing.

There was a woman that we gave a home to who had nothing last year. She had nothing, but after getting that house, she wanted more. She wasn't happy with it. The gift had turned her to greed. There was another lady that I had given money to in the streets, who later found my channel. She was furious with me that she didn't get her house. Yet the moments where I've shared chicken and bread with those in the streets, BEFORE the camera.. those moments where I was invited to live with a grandma in Ecuador during COVID when I had nothing, and couldn't fly home.. they stuck with me. I heard stories on my travels of people saying. “I had nothing to eat and a stranger gave me $5 to feed my family.” I'll never forget those moments. It really makes me think that there is no amount of money or followers or houses or anything material that will bring you real everlasting joy.

You see something so similar in almost all of the people. Their faith in a higher being. Trusting in that higher being. God. Christ. It feeds their souls. I think that's so damn cool, and don't get me wrong. 95% of people are incredibly grateful for the gifts we give them, but no amount of donations will ever heal a broken soul. Maybe that $5 you gave a stranger will have an impact 10x greater than the impact it would of if you waited to be "rich". Cherish the small moments.

So what is happiness? In my opinion, it is gratitude, and it comes from within. Being grateful for all that you have, and grateful for all that you don't have. Grateful for all of your life experiences, the good and the bad.

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