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"Can a Person without arms Outperform Able-Bodied Workers? Marco's Story Proves It"

Meet Marco, this man showed up to our farm asking for a job. He didn’t ask for money, he didn’t ask for food, he didn’t ask for a free house, he didn’t ask for anything but a job. Every day he shows up on time. He with cement, waters plants, and carries palm trees with one stub for an arm. This right here is an example to all of us especially those with both arms who constantly create excuses. Let’s go Marco!!!

Our most bada** employee. He works with cement, he works in the gardens, he can do it all! He refuses to beg in the streets and to me that is an example the world needs to see right now.

With your help we are going to give Marcos his new prosthetic arms! His real dream is to have his own home (he rents) and to learn how to drive. With your help, we are going to do just that! New home, prosthetic arms, and get this man a little vehicle to get to work. Heck maybe he can be our bus driver when he gets a little experience??

Once we hit our goal, everything else that comes in will help us fund our school and food farm project in El Salvador.






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