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  • Natasha Melina | MurphsLife: TikTok Videos Go Viral for Providing Humanitarian Aid in South America

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

by Natasha Melina

In a recent interview with Aaron Murphy, known as Murph’s Life on his social media channels, I got to hear about his experience living in South America for well over a year now. Murphy currently finds himself in Ecuador and first traveled to South America to learn Spanish. Now, he’s taken on a lot more than just learning a new language.

Aaron has found himself providing aid and resources to those who need it most in countries like Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, and Venezuela. Unlike charity organizations, Aaron Murphy is able to provide direct assistance to people who need it like Venezuelan immigrants seeking refuge or simply those who live below the poverty line in these countries. This is important because often, people don’t have the time to wait for assistance from larger charity organizations.

Aaron has been helping people for longer than his social media will say. It’s just recently that he made the decision to document life in South America with the support from a few friends. His TikToks as well as his Instagram and Youtube videos document what life has been like for him in South America as well as how he helps citizens. These videos have taken off on social media.

From one day to the next, Aaron’s social media following skyrocketed which is important because it gives him the platform to show his vlog-style docuseries to people who can afford to help. When his videos blew up, Aaron shares that he received a bunch of donations. Viewers like the fact that they not only can help but they can see Murphy’s videos to see what their donation allowed him to do for elderly citizens who don’t have enough food to eat or children who have been on their feet for weeks or months with their parents trying to cross the border for a better life.

When I asked Aaron why providing this help is so important to him, Murphy expressed that when he was in his twenties, he had a life-changing experience which caused him to see life in a completely different way.

What Aaron does isn’t just giving people a donation, it’s so much more than that. He helps people get back up on their two feet and provides new opportunities. He says that if people have the land for it, he’ll build them a chicken coop and that is long-lasting. Murphy has also opened a restaurant “Gringo Loco” which will provide proper employment for a few people that we’ve seen in his videos.

If you have the means to donate, you can do so in the following ways:

Venmo – MurphsLife24

PayPal – MurphsLife

Murph’s Life Patreon

Or simply share Aaron’s videos.

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